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U.S Business Almanac

Published annually, the U.S. Business Almanac selects and documents the biographies of the nations’ brightest executives, professionals and entrepreneurs in nearly every industry and career field. Showcasing each TX-SBN members’ expertise, achievements, affiliations and education, the U.S. Business Almanac is used nationwide for job recruitment, career enhancement, fact-checking and consulting purposes. Distributed exclusively to members, government institutions, and corporate partners across the country, the U.S. Business Almanac is a time tested reference and networking resource.

TX-SBN’s Work + Life Magazine

With some of the most highly regarded individuals from each industry, Work + Life magazine consists of articles created and written by TX-SBN members. From economic and industry trends, to business tips and political commentaries, In Network is an outlet for members to gain exposure, express their views, and offer insight to others; all on a national level.

Submit a topic, collaborate with other members, or write an article entirely on your own. It is up to you, and you can rely on our resources and staff to assist you every step of the way. Read our latest edition

Certificate of Recognition

This elegant, personalized document is specially designed and includes the prestigious platinum TX-SBN seal of authenticity. It is an enhancement to office décor, and a visual third party endorsement of your business and professional achievement.

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