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Texas- An Overview

Texas is located in the Southern portion of the United States.  It is the second largest and the second most populated state in the country. Its capital is Austin, and its largest city is Houston.


Texas was first owned by Spain, and was then taken by Mexico, who controlled the area until 1836.  It joined the United States after a war for independence and was officially inducted into the country in 1845.  Texas was indeed a slave state and soon ended up leaving the Union in 1861.  During this time, times of Mexican migrants entered the state and joined the cotton industry.  Unfortunately, in the 1900’s, Texas was dealt a bad blow with the coming of the Galveston hurricane, the deadliest natural disaster in the history of the country due to its proximity near the Gulf of Mexico.  However, they soon rebounded due to their abundance of natural resources and other industries.  They continue to thrive today and are seen as one of the jewels of the South and Midwest. 

Climate, Economy

Because Texas is so large, its climate varies depending on its region.  The Gulf area, by Louisiana, easily sees the most precipitation while the pan handle area by New Mexico sees the least inches.  It does snow in North and West Texas, but rarely by the South or south of San Antonio.  Eastern and Northern Texas are also prone to thunderstorms, and Northern Texas lies in the area of Tornado Alley.  Texas also is known for emitting the most greenhouse gasses in the entire country.  Texas is frequently associated with the image of the cowboy, and this is in part due to the survival of the cattle in their economy. Texas’s fortunes also changed with the discovery of several oil wells in the state.  They have led the nation in export revenue, and their large cities with thriving educational facilities have created many jobs and have contributed to the success of Texan economy. Farming is also a big part of Texan economy, as Texas has the most acreage and farms of any other state. They also lead the country in cotton production and have a strong fishing economy as well.

More Texas Facts

*Houston, San Antonio and Dallas are Texas’s big 3 cities, with populations exceeding one million residents. 

*Texas is the perfect blend of southern culture, western culture, and Spanish culture. 

*The Port of Houston is the busiest port in the country, with over 1,000 other ports in the state of Texas. 

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