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Personal Branding

Personalized Action Website

As a member of the Texas State Business Network, a personally designed marketing website will be created to publicize your business, career or organization. Becoming an accredited TX-SBN member places your site in the forefront of search engine results, and is managed by TX-SBN’s marketing team who direct online traffic to each of our State Certified sites.

Video Release

Did you know that videos are 50 times more likely to appear at the top of search engine results then traditional web pages? Let TX-SBN make you the subject of your own news-formatted video. Produced by a seasoned director, each video is created with an actor or actress speaking about your achievements, services, brand or products. It is distributed to various social networks including YouTube, Yahoo, and featured on your personal website. The TX-SBN Video Release is a great way for you to promote your personal brand, products and services to current and prospective contacts.

Social Media Setup

As an essential part to any organizations’ marketing communications plan, social media marketing fosters brand awareness, and creates a valuable exchange between you and your target market. The Texas State Business Network is a partner to major social media outlets, and will assist you in placement on key sites, designed to generate the most traffic for your desired message. Whether it is a marketing campaign, fundraiser, or a way to communicate with other industry professionals, TX-SBN’s Social Media Setup is the ideal platform to find and communicate with your target audience.

Press Release

The TX-SBN press release announces your acceptance into our organization, while showcasing your career achievements and professional endeavors. Prepared by the Public Relations Department, it is ideal for the submission to local media and associations to which you belong.

Multi-Media Promotions Program

Sent out to all major news media organizations, the TX-SBN Multi-Media Promotions Program, places our member’s press release and website on one of the first few result pages in major search engines. Driving traffic to your website and making you a more valuable networking contact and job candidate, the TX-SBN Multi- Media Package provides a third party endorsement of your credentials and builds your credibility within your industry and profession.

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